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Its been awhile since we've updated here! We've been hard at work in the shop and building our new website. Old Iron Cabin hand forged knives, axes, hammer polled tomahawk's, forged cooking utensils, log cabin hardware, wool camp blankets, flint and steel fire striker kits, etc all are available to purchase. It's really a bunch... Continue Reading →

Meriwether Lewis Pipe Tomahawk

A close copy of one of the presentation grade Pipe tomahawks carried on the Lewis and Clark expeditions. This Pipe Hawk features a curly ash handle with silver inlays/bands and a pewter mouth piece. The original presentation style pipe tomahawk carried by Captain Lewis is said to be one of the most historically significant objects... Continue Reading →

Antler Burr Handled Patch Knife

Forged from 1095 Carbon steel and features a nice little whitetail deer antler handle, peened iron pins through a tapered half tang and pewter bolster. Blade length is 4 1/2" and 8 1/2" overall length. Sold

Curly Maple Patch Knife

A nice little Curly maple handled Patchknife forged from 1045 carbon steel. Features a period correct tapered tang, pewter bolster and iron pins. Blade measures 4 3/4" and 8 1/2" overall length. Great for a bag knife or neck sheath.... Sold

Forged English Longhunter Knife

A beautiful early English styled longhunter knife forged from 1045 steel. Whitetail antler handle with brass pommel, iron bolster and a silver inlay in the blade. The blade on this knife is 1/4" thick and very beefy. Big 9-1/4" blade and 14-1/2" overall length. Sold

Iron mounted Appalachian Flintlock Rifle

J. Whitson style .36 caliber north carolina flintlock rifle. This is a very light slim rifle stocked in straight grain maple. Hand forged hardware, poured pewter nose cap and brass ramrod thimbles. A swamped 42" barrel and thin iron hardware put this gun just over 5 pounds. No frills on this gun, just a good... Continue Reading →

Forged Kentucky Belt Axes

These are styled after an original belt axe found near Fort Meigs. These are forged from four pieces of steel forge welded together, hardened and tempered to create a hard durable cutting edge and poll. Handles are 14 to 16 inches long and are typically made of hickory,ash,cherry and osage orange. 

Wrightsman Hand Forged Patch Knives

These have been very popular in the blackpowder community. This is an English pattern knife with a 4" blade and 8.5" overall length. Razor sharp and great for carrying on the strap of your shooting bag or as a neck knife. A very slim, elegant handle with pewter bolster makes this a great knife for... Continue Reading →

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